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world social forum 





Towards South Asia Social Forum Event , after the one  held in Dhakka on 18th-21st November 2011 ( see sasfbd extended space )

As the on Dhaka this upcomoing event  might be "extended" to include organizations and places demonstrating involvement in its build up process


This is a virtual space gathering,  initially, civil society organisations in Bangladesh that participated in the World social forum 2009 in Brazil, and  WSF  2013 in tunis, open to those that are active in the WSF process in Bangladesh . See a first list here     

a  promising experience of distance intercommunication took place at the moment of dakar wsf daket en8

You can Use this space to share your experiences about WSF process at large and in Bangladesh,   

This forum is inserted in a world wide frame ,  see list here and   see call here  

Once you join this space you  are included in a public discussion  list
You can also create new pages here : inputs about BSF process and post there information about your organization’s activities, or about WSF process 

You can invite more persons and organizations   and  manage email lists.


list of  participation in belem

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