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  Nepal social forum  Sept 2014

 Nepal SF event  website  www.nepalsocialforum.org

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 Important info April 29th 

A seminar will be organizing on 23 May 2014 on the issues of social forum focusing to Nepalese context; where national and international personalities will be panelists. Few names of the national personalities are selected to request for their presentation and participation :  

Foreign speakers will be finalized as per their consents within a week. 

Date of the Nepalese Social Forum has been postponed for Sep. 12-14, 2014

Registration for the participation to the NSF has been formally opened from the date of today that will be remained till May last, 2014. Registration fee for the organization that wants to hold a program in Nepalese Social Forum is fixes as NRs. 1,000/- (one thousand rupees only). Detail procedure and the registration form can be seen in official website as nepalsocialforum.org